Artist: - Louis Atelouis - Switzerland /
Title: Lady Corona
Type :"Pleat-Art“ /
Medium: Oil/Mixed media on canvas, Size: 130 x 80 cm (52“ x 32“) /
Year: 2020

Philosophy: A ghastly shadow, lurking in the background with an insidiously veiled look, unexpectedly displaces the grey of everyday life and presents Lady Corona to us.
Deaf (without ears), mute (mouth closed), blind (blind eye) and unstable (hand in pocket), in the face of the global effects of our actions? Unnoticed, silent, invisible and intangible like the virus?
Lifting off, floating, losing contact with the ground (without feet), all the pompous, partly tattered clothing interspersed with ribbons of mourning (reflects poor as well as rich), all littered with gold, silver and copper (economic interests above all). Floating around globally, comprehensive and expensive, like the virus?
But isn't hope germinating everywhere for a change, with love, pride, zest for action and corresponding intellect (green in the heart, chest, leg and head area) to preserve the last intact sectors of our blue planet (blue veil)?
Does Lady Corona show us the mirror of our society?