Sept 25  I  By Lené Pieters, Mixed Media NFT Artist and Tech Writer for Web3.0/Metaverse/NFTs

“As the planet becomes more interconnected, novel and effective modes of creating value are now discoverable, indelibly altering the cultural and financial terrain of the global futuristic Web 3.0 community.”

-Alyze Sam, The Nifty Encyclopedia, an Unbiased Definitive Guide to NFTs, Metaverse Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-949677-30-0

What a robust quote to unpack. We are experiencing the most volatile creative and cultural shift that has hit society since the Renaissance. No matter geographical location, cultural paradigm, or artistic output, Web 3.0 will affect all individuals and businesses as we move towards an ownership economy.

For centuries, creatives and artists mostly discovered one another when they were in the same town, travelled or through long-distance correspondence. Physical mail could take days or months. When they eventually arrived, along with a surprise box of small gifts or art supplies, they allowed external influences to enrich your artistic style.

The advent of web 1.0 in the mid-1990s brought us an instantaneous digital connection to most of humanity with simple URL websites, a forum for discussions, and basic e- commerce opened the door to a fully connected planet.